KATIPŌ 4X4 - WORD & LOGO #1261744
OPTION4WD - WORD -  #1185103
OPTION4WD - LOGO - #1243657

SOUP Distribution LTD, are the owners of the renowned Brands and their intellectual property in New Zealand.  Our Brands KATIPŌ 4X4 OPTION4WD, RAD BUMPER & TTN HYPER SPORT stands as some of the most recognisable trademarks in New Zealand and the world. Joel Stirling, holds exclusive ownership of these trademarks in New Zealand.

The TradeMarks have garnered an impressive reputation and goodwill for their brands and products, both domestically and internationally. To safeguard the integrity of the trademarks, SOUP DISTRIBUTION LTD has implemented a policy wherein only authorised dealers and closely associated organisations are granted permission to use the names and logos protected by our TradeMarks. 

This prudent measure ensures that consumers can trust the authenticity of products and services bearing the name's or logo's, knowing they originate from either SOUP DISTRIBUTION LTD or a reputable and approved affiliate.

It is essential to recognise that any replication or importation of products featuring our trademark necessitates explicit permission from SOUP DISTRIBUTION LTD New Zealand and Mr. Joel Stirling.

We must underscore that unauthorised use of our trademarks is viewed with utmost seriousness by SOUP DISTRIBUTION LTD. In cases of such infringement, we will not hesitate to enforce our rights to protect the integrity and value of our intellectual property.

Should you come across any instances of counterfeit products associated with our trademarks, we kindly request you to promptly notify us by email. 

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Legal Counsel for SOUP Distribution LTD


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